Equinox Helix 100 Gobo Light Unit

Equinox Helix 100 Gobo Light Unit


Fill a room with disco light patterns all from one unit - this is the must-have lighting effect of the moment!

Complete with stand and remote control 

Powered by a mega bright 100W LED the Helix Gobo Flower produces showers of moving gobos that can be projected on to walls and dance floors (see video clip opposite). Rich, saturated colours and carefully selected gobos including hearts and snowflakes make this fixture ideal for many occasions and events. Clever programming not only allows users to remove some of the gobos from the stand alone and sound active programs, it also allows for some single gobos to be selected and then have specific colours from the colour wheel added to them manually whilst being activated automatically or via sound. The unit, although compact in size, has a wide beam angle but still packs a punch over a long distance thanks to its superior optics and high output LED.

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