2 x 15" Powered 300w Speakers + Stands

2 x 15" Powered 300w Speakers + Stands


These 15 inch 600 watt (peak) active speakers with high power dynamic compression horn are perfect for small to medium sized parties/venues. Features include Bluetooth, 1/4" jack mic line, allowing connectivity with almost any microphone on the current market and phono/XLR inputs for connection of external audio devices including MP3, laptops and much more.

Add a mixer and vocal mic plus stand for £10 extra

Add a bass bin speaker for extra power for larger rooms for £10 extra

  • 15" (380mm) extremely powerful mid-low woofer
  • Line and mic input with bass and treble controls
  • Line output allows daisy chaining of additional speakers
  • High power dynamic compression driver horn
  • Wide dispersion horn
  • Stand mounting with 35mm pole socket
  • ABS impact resistant lightweight system
  • Input connector for microphones
  • Volume control for the microphone
  • Volume control for the line input
  • Volume control for the output
  • Output connector to a second box or amplifier (line level)
  • Line input connector for the audio input source e.g. mixer, CD player, etc.
  • Built in amplifier with crossover

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