2 x EV 15" Speakers + Stands with Amp

2 x EV 15" Speakers + Stands with Amp


Wood cabinet passive speakers with fantastic warm sound and deep bass from EV.

Package comes complete with 1000w power amplifier

Add a mixer and vocal microphone plus stand for £10 extra

Boasting 500 watts of program power handling, the Force i 15" two-way utilizes the rugged DH3 1" titanium diaphragm compression driver for sparkling highs, and an efficient 15" woofer with patented EV Ring Mode Decoupling (RMD™) technology. Vocals and mid-range frequencies are reproduced with legendary EV intelligibility. Barrier Port™ design minimizes out-of-phase internal reflections resulting in astounding bass from such a compact trapezoidal enclosure.

  • 15" Two-way Full-Range Speaker System
  • Rose Wood™ Trapezoidal Enclosure
  • Compact size and light weight
  • RMD™ - Ring-Mode Decoupling
  • 1" pure titanium compression driver
  • High Power Crossover Network
  • PTP™ Power Tracking Protection
  • Built-in metal stand mount
  • Parallel Neutrik® NL4 input connections
  • Internal Crossover             
  • Hire Rates:

£50 24 Hr

£80 Weekend (3 day hire)

£120 Week

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